2. "Try our fiery taco" or you’ll never see your kids again. #tacobell #ransomnote #toomanyfonts (at Taco Bell)


  3. Great content now comes in small 6-second packages.

    Vine, an app that recently has made serious waves in the social world, gives users the ability to easily record up to 6 seconds of video and share it instantly. But you probably already knew all that.

    Before you lump Vine into the same category as Viddy and Socialcam, you have to realize that it’s different. By implementing a simple “tap to record” interface, it’s extremely easy to record at an exact moment, and add as many moments until you reach six seconds. No editing, no splicing, no mixing…just sweet simplicity. And to top it off, Vine’s feed is easy to consume. No play or stop buttons, just scroll and watch. Think Instagram, but the pictures now move. (Now that I’ve regularly used Vine for the last three months, I find myself expecting my Instagram photos to move at times. “Come on, photo of a waterfall…move!”)

    Six seconds doesn’t sound like a long time, but you’d be surprised. It’s been truly amazing to watch some big content come in such a small package. If you haven’t had a chance to see comedian Will Sasso’s Vine account, you’re really missing out on something special. His hilarious battles with lemons, dead on Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions, and moments with his mother keep me on the edge of my Vine seat waiting for the next brilliant piece of comedy. Who would of thought that the content that I’m now craving the most isn’t on the big screen or television, but a six second video on the screen of my phone.

    As brands search for how to use Vine, maybe they can take a nod from the Will Sasso’s out there. Telling a great story can be done, as long as it’s unique and not trying to push a product message. And what’s stopping a brand from reaching out to great talent out there to tell that story? They do it at times in their tv spots. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens in the future.

    In the meantime, follow Will Sasso’s Vine account. You’ll thank me later.


  4. Facebook Home: What does it mean for brands and their content?

    First of all, this is going to be very interesting to watch. Seeing a brand’s content in your Facebook newsfeed is one thing, now the possibility of that same content appearing on your phone’s home screen the minute you pick it up is a whole new ballgame. If Facebook Home gains momentum, I think brands are going to have to approach their content very carefully. I know that the demo of Facebook Home looks great in theory when it’s filled with photos of your friends and family, but what happens when an actual feed starts to populate Home and a user is left staring at a glamour photo of a McDonald’s Premium McWrap or an Instagram shot of a can of Mt. Dew Kickstart? It’s going to be more critical than ever that a brand create content that is engaging enough to make their followers smile or feel good. Now that their content has the chance of appearing on their followers’ home screen of their phone, the likelihood of an “unlike” is stronger than ever.

    I personally think Facebook will evolve Home to allow for specification of who or what “groups” appears on the phone’s home screen. This would allow Facebook Home users to still follow brands without hearing from them every time they pick up their phone.

    The home screen of a phone is precious territory, and if the home screen becomes Home, then brands better tiptoe through the threshold.


  5. Sometimes at EP we have to pull out all the stops to create greatness.


  6. Whiteboards. I truly can’t live without them.